Why Not Join a Real Sorority?

Every Woman Naturally Qualifies for the CM Sorority.

When it comes to bleeding monthly, we all go down that road. CM makes it a wonderful journey.

When it comes to bleeding monthly, we all go down that road. CM makes it a wonderful journey.


The CM Sorority was founded in 1991 by Lynne Haines, her daughter and two women friends.

"When I got my first period, it seemed pretty clear to me that there was a lot more to menses than was generally understood.  How could something that happened to every woman alive, for so much of her life, be so secret?"

"Why should it be a secret?  Wasn’t menses the crux of femininity?  Wasn’t it important?  Doesn’t it insure human life on the planet?"

Lynne researched menses by asking women questions about their experience of menses. 

She learned that a complex change in every woman's perception occurs during her period.  

It was through women's descriptions of the emotional and mental shift in awareness prior to bleeding, that Lynne discovered the beneficial physiological aspect of menses.



Women who practice CM, become their own best friends.  We are our strongest allies and our own spiritual guides.  We have an unfailing inner compass.  We gain an inner wealth of wisdom that women who don't know about CM, never achieve.

CM: Conscious Menstruation separates the women who do their monthly soul work from those who don't.  Those of us who sift and glean the pearls of inner wisdom every month from the dross of everyday life -  become great women. 

CM is not a theory.  CM doesn’t need to be proven.  Just experienced!

Try CM to realize its value yourself.  Learn how while you can.  Read FLOWING. 

Believing or not believing is irrelevant, just like “to bleed or not to bleed” is irrelevant. 

Women have no choice, at a certain point in life they menstruate.  Lynne shows women how to benefit from this natural potent process.”


Lynne began teaching women about the benefits of paying attention to the process of menses as an opportunity, instead of a monthly inconvenience.  She coined the terms “conscious menses /conscious menstruation” and shortened them to “CM”.

"When I spoke about or taught CM, women would ask, “Where can I get the book?” 

In 1997 Lynne published the first edition of her books, FLOWING, A Guide to CM, and the CM Handbook Journal.  

They are both available in the Gift Shop section of this website. 

Treat yourself, your daughter, your sister and your friends to knowledge about the real value of menses: our periods.  Learn to practice CM.  It's available to all women every month....free.

No one can deny you the benefits of CM but you.