World Wide Virtual Menstrual Hut - the Secret Monthly Consciousness Raising No One Told you About!

Why not belong to an organization that can, when you add us all up, change the world? Get personal guidance on How To CM. This course includes 12 personal phone calls and emails with Lynne Haines, the Founder of CMS, both books and upon completion, this Certificate and qualifies you to mentor other women in CM. Too old to bleed? Not to worry. Here is a chance to redo the hard parts and gain the wisdom you have earned. Lets talk.  

If each of us speaks our truths about the real initiations in life:  menses, sex, love relationships, birth, death - we can re-define ourselves as authentic powerful, effective women; both in our own eyes as well as the eyes of our sisters all over the world. Become a woman worth her salt and lead the way for the next generation of women seeking connection with their idea of The Feminine Divine. Give yourself and them a direct experience of HER.