This is a Place Where we can Communicate with Each Other. 


A world wide alliance of women.

The CM Sorority is a sorority in the true meaning of the word as defined in the dictionary: a society for women, an alliance, a company, a union, and an organization of learning and teaching for women, and by women.

The first sorority was founded by a small group of women who chose to discuss politics, human rights, religion and philosophy together; despite their exclusion by their husbands from these forums of intelligent discourse.

The effect of such an alliance?  Women feeling connected to each other instead of pitted against each other.  Women learning about the crux of genuine feminine values from real women.  

Women are becoming a world wide alliance.  Measured by their personal effect in their own circles of influence we are becoming valued for our inherent wisdoms; praised for our strengths, and honored for our contributions to civilization.

Every mature, accomplished woman deserves to be recognized within a society of her peers.  Acknowledgement by other women acclaims her as valuable to herself, her family and her circle of influence.  Being acknowledged for her personal skills and achievements is vital to everywoman.

A universal practice for bestowing this recognition is missing from our lives today.    

Currently women's sororities exclude many women and inflate loyalty to male bastions of education and politics.  Sororities only for women privileged by wealth and family are pointless as meaningful contributing factors to anything beyond their monetary spheres and chosen charities.

Women already stand together on the most common of grounds – the crux of our femininity: menses.

The Internet has opened the doors of communication into every woman’s home.  The CM Sorority website is a meeting place available to all women.

The CM Sorority will became a worldwide force of hope, inspiration, empowerment and support for everywoman.  Becoming a woman of the CM Sorority or the Old Girls Club acknowledges you, recognizes, salutes, praises, and thanks you - celebrating your unique personality and the skills that make you an Exceptional Woman.    

Taking control of our reality by forming such an alliance.

The word ordain as described in the dictionary means: establish, command, lay down, proclaim, decree, order.  It is in these terms that CM Sorority has created three Practices of Value for honoring women.  The word ordain is commonly thought of in conjunction with religion; but religion has nothing to do with this Practice of Value.

The CM Sorority Practice of Ordaining Women involves women recognizing and welcoming other women.  We acknowledge each other's inherent ability to create new life, endure, and embody wisdom. 

  • By ordaining women the CM Sorority honors individual women for their contributions to the Great Sisterhood of Women worldwide.  Every woman is acknowledged in the eyes of her peers.

  • Historically, recognition practices that honor women are primarily tied to male value oriented political, educational, economic or religious organizations, measuring us to principles that do not recognize our inherent genuine feminine values as worthy in and of them selves.

  • By honoring women of wisdom and achievement the CM Sorority creates a society of self-actualized females – women who know who they are and who have perality - personal moral reality.  These women influence other women by their example.

  • Does this seem unnecessary, ridiculous, grandiose, frivolous and pointless?  Many women in the world can now vote and own land – what more do we need?  We need solidarity.  We need to be together in this world, with each other and for each other.

  • Women have been unacknowledged for our work, love and wisdom throughout history to date.   The CM Sorority now initiates this Practice of Value - The Ordination of Women, thereby celebrating our true worth to this planet to ourselves first and to others second.  Women will no longer go unrewarded for our stout contributions to civilization.  We will reward each other!

  • Compared to the total population of the world’s women, the actual proportion of women with life supporting constitutional rights is a very small minority.

  • The Internet has opened the doors of communication into every woman’s home. The CM Sorority website is a meeting place available to all women.

  • By sharing stories and videos of women ordaining other women the CM Sorority website will become an empowering impression; one that simply viewing will give courage and heart to women less protected by constitutional rights.  We all came from a past without such amenities.  We can support each other in surviving and thriving simply by showing women that we exist.

  • We can celebrate our freedom in a way that advances our connections to each other.  Celebrating ourselves, and our peers strengthens us to carry on, to continue living fully secure in our place within the folds of a wise and loving Sorority.

    Imagine the profound influence that a universal organization promoting the natural inherent value of women, will have on civilization.  Rather than competing for their place next to a man - as prescribed by religion, economics or politics; we will have our own integral value:  if not to men; at least to ourselves and each other.

    Consider the effect of such an alliance of women - who feel connected to each other instead of pitted against each other.

Memberships Offered

Just Me $50 - the CM Sorority offers a number of memberships, all designed to provide women with a community that celebrates feminine values and attributes.

Giving Memberships - do you know of an organization that specifically assists women?  The CM Sorority is interested in funding organizations that women deem worthy of financial assistance, as well as exposure at this site.  Please contact us with your suggestions. 

CMS Blogging

Reading the Blog.

Every CMS Certified member can read the Blog.

Blog Posting - to contribute to the CMS Blog you must be a Certified CMS Mentor. 

Blog Posts - any information about genuine feminine values.

Blog Authors - selected from the Blog offerings received, and perceived to be of universal value to women. 


Girls- introducing a girl to CM, for the first time; her first period.

Big Girls - inviting friends and family, women who already experience menses to explore the value of CM.

Old Girls - celebrate the life of a wonderful woman you know.

Ordaining  - many women who have not been taught CM have contributed much to our lives.  These women deserve our respect and a celebration for their efforts.  

Worthy Events - a calendar of events pertinent to the self-actualization of women.

Suggestions are WELCOME - Tell us what you would like to celebrate and how.

Event Excerpts - show optional excerpt text of events on the list view when present. 

First Time Suggestions - ideas range from a simple talk, to a  sleep over.

Big Girl Suggestions - from inviting one friend to share your wisdom about CM to having a full blown party.

Old Girls - honoring women of achievement in our community.

Ordaining - empowering ordinary women in our lives with recognition of their value to us as Wise Women.

Worthy Events - direct links to events that support women.

Event List Compact View - enables a simple stacked view of events in the Events page.

Event Calendar Compact View - enables a simpler calendar view optimized for smaller areas. 

Are you interested in helping me develop this concept? I'm looking forward to hearing from you.