How to CM

Once a month delving into the crux of your femininity. Go where no man can ever go - inner space.

Pay attention. 

Mark the date that you last bled on a calendar.  Count 28 days and circle that date.  One week prior to that circled date turn your attention inward.

Ask yourself: How do I feel? What am I thinking?  Every day prior to the day you begin bleeding notice the subtle shift in your consciousness.

Read Flowing, A Guide to CM and begin a life long journey of self knowledge and empowerment.

Start Today

Use the CM Handbook and watch yourself become empowered. Tap your source to heal and change.

Love yourself.

If your period has been boring or disappointing in any way; now is the time to change that.

Read The CM Handbook and discover what you have been missing!

Every month your feelings and thoughts will reveal surprising personal insights.  Begin to know yourself better than ever before.

Learn More

Become a certified member and change the world. Become a force for genuine feminine values.

Celebrate yourself.

Consciously menstruating makes you happy and gives you energy.

Allow your feelings and thoughts to surface.  Experience them fully, express them, release them and discover your wisdom.

Join the CM Sorority and become part of the world wide awakening of women. 

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Every woman is happier when she doesn’t have menstrual cramps, emotional distress or mental anguish once a month.  CM: conscious menstruation is the natural antidote to these discomforts AND MORE. CM builds confidence by removing the physiological blockages we have to our own inner strengths in a manner as natural to women as breathing and bathing.  

Practice CM by allowing menses to become a regularly scheduled personal time.  CM heals you physically, recharges you emotionally and enhances your mental clarity.

Experience the heightened realizations, the self-actualization and individuation that CM causes naturally, automatically every month.  Pay attention to the physiological opportunity offered during CM monthly: be all you can be and know yourself.

We re-value ourselves through CM.  We learn to know and love ourselves based on personal revelations that occur during CM.  Learn to respect yourself for “who you are” not just whose mother, sister, daughter, lover or wife that you are.

Give yourself the key to monthly renewal by using the CM Handbook and or reading FLOWING, A Guide to CM.  Reverse the de-womanization that centuries of miss understanding about menses has created.  Gift your self this wisdom!

When we commit to taking personal time each month to Consciously Menstruate, protected from the distractions and disruptions of daily living, we take a stand, we stand on all fours as Clarrissa Pinkola Estes puts it; we break the chain of submission to a culture that denatures us both as individuals and collectively.  Promising yourself to give yourself “the mothering” you deserve each month by Consciously Menstruating, guarantees your freedom from the neurosis and psychosis that women suffer when alienated from our inner instinctual wisdoms.

The process of Conscious Menses (CM) is a natural letting go of the outworn, no longer viable emotional and mental constructs that have served us well in the past, but are now ready to be replaced by viable, live supporting feelings and thoughts.  During CM we experience personal transformation that is meaningful beyond the scope of new ideas.  At the climactic point of CM we know that we have moved up into a new level of the spiral of our consciousness, that we have lightened our load and that we step forward into the next round with the wisdom we require to succeed.

Bleeding for the first time, as all women are destined to do, is a most powerful initiation into the next cycle of our lives.  To go forward into this more difficult aspect of our lives without guidance, as most of us have done, can be survived – but at great cost.  We are, when we wander into womanhood un-guided by wiser more experienced women, literally Persephone being abducted into the underworld.

Many of us emerge much later in life, having been rescued through our successful efforts to individuate, as true queens of the underworld; but at the price of a life un-lived on many levels.  Without initiation into womanhood by our wise elders, we each run the risk of becoming ensnared in at least one of the many traps that lay ahead.  Cut off from our instinctual ability to mother ourselves we forge ahead into disastrous relationships, pointless careers and empty middle age.

Without access to the powerfully regenerative and healing experience of Conscious Menstruation literally scores of generations of women have buckled under the strain, lain dormant and/or barely survived the crippling strictures of a male dominated heaven and earth.  NOW practicing CM gives us permission to go to the “Well of our well being”.  

CM builds confidence by removing the physiological blockages we have to our own inner strengths in a manner as natural to women as breathing and bathing.  When practicing Conscious Menses we no longer feel suffocated or unclean in any way.  We can embrace life situations with instinctual grace and aplomb, learning when we fail to meet the mark and being generous with ourselves, and others when we hit the target.

By contacting "The Great Mother" who can create and destroy life, in monthly private appointments, we naturally grow into ourselves - the unique individuals that we were are designed by our Creator, to be.  When we go to the “Well of well being” over and over again during our menstruating years, we gain knowledge of the path that we can share with others to guide them to the Well of their own well being.   When we reclaim the blood mysteries and acknowledge the primal power of Conscious Menstruation, we will become re-acquainted with the instinctual powers to govern ourselves, our children and our mates in a loving, beautiful healthful, and effective manner.