How to CM

Once a month delving into the crux of your femininity.  Go where no man can ever go - inner space.

Pay attention. 

Mark the date that you last bled on a calendar.  Count 28 days and circle that date.  One week prior to that circled date turn your attention inward.

 Ask yourself: How do I feel? What am I thinking?  Every day prior to the day you begin bleeding notice the subtle shift in your consciousness.

Read Flowing, A Guide to CM and begin a life long journey of self knowledge and empowerment.


Start today

Use the CM Handbook and watch yourself become empowered.  Tap your source to heal and change.

Love yourself.

If your period has been boring or disappointing in any way; now is the time to change that.

Read The CM Handbook and discover what you have been missing!

Every month your feelings and thoughts will reveal surprising personal insights.  Begin to know yourself better than ever before.



Learn more

Become a certified member and change the world.  Become a force for genuine feminine values.

Celebrate yourself.

Consciously menstruating makes you happy and gives you energy.

Allow your feelings and thoughts to surface.  Experience them fully, express them, release them and discover your wisdom.

Join the CM Sorority and become part of the world wide awakening of women.