The Old Girls Club
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An Alliance of Women - for Women. 



You may be surprised by what your period can do for you.  Something new and valuable is available to you, free every month if you learn to CM: consciously menstruate.  Don't just slap on a pad and put up with it - delve into it, pay attention, and gain the true benefits of menses.   

Start now.   Click to: How To CM and get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. 

What you can learn by paying attention to what you are thinking and feeling, right before you bleed - is amazing!

Learn how to CM: consciously menstruate and tap into the magic of being a woman!

You are pre-qualified to join the world wide CM Sorority simply because you bleed.  Welcome!

Let's not just resent and ignore menses anymore!  You can honor your entrance into womanhood with a Party!  Celebrate yourself - learn about your innate ability to access wisdom monthly by practicing CM. 


Big Girls

We are designed to experience who we are better during menses than at any other time.

The CM Sorority is a sisterhood of women dedicated to individuating and self-actualizing.  We, the women living in countries where human rights are respected, where women have equality - we have the power to inject genuine feminine values into civilization. 

By practicing CM: conscious menses we discover our gifts to humanity.  We all have something nobody else has - our own unique wisdom.  Self actualized and individuated, we express this wisdom with the certainty that genuine feminine values will bring healing to our relationships with each other; as well as all the other species we share this planet Earth with. 






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Old Girls

The rite of passage into womanhood is menses, our ability to bring new life into the world.

This initiation has been overlooked by women for a long time.  This will change now as we enjoy celebrating these passages into and out of our "fertile phase".

Let's acknowledge each other as we enter and leave these life changing phases that ALL women experience.  Let's bring genuine feminine values into the world.  

Learn to think about menses in a new light so that you can teach your girls the value of practicing CM.

Educating the women in your life, about the value of CM, is the single most empowering thing you can ever do for them.