Flowing, A Guide to CM

Flowing, A Guide to CM


Learn how to Consciously Menstruate by reading Flowing.

Printed on heavy cream colored stock in fuchsia foil and covered in a clear protective page.  Spiral bound for easy notation.

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Treat yourself to a whole new perspective on your period.  See Customer Review:

Dear Lynne,

I sincerely hope you are doing well.  I wanted to say, “Thank you” for sharing your book Flowing, A Guide to CM, with me.  I’ve had a chance to read it, and practice CM with the aid of The CM Handbook.  And I love it all!

You synthesized the emotional intuition and physical awareness of menses beautifully in Chapter 9.  Also, I appreciated your concept of emotionally tuning ourselves in Chapter 6.  I especially love your statement on emotions, “Let them fade in their own time.  Let them die of their own lack of reality.” (pg.43).

True to your written word, I did experience heightened emotions (positive and negative), increased creativity and awakening of personal interests.  I had objectivity in looking at struggles and was more able to problem solve.

I took time to pamper myself and did gain a greater sense of self love and self trust.  I believe this book is a “luminous jewel” in current phsychand women’s studies literature, and you can quote me.  I will reference your book to clients.

Warm Regards, 

Heather DiBiase, MSW, LICSWA
Wellness Specialty Counselor