Q: Why don't we know about CM?

A: Until recently menses has been a taboo subject.  Now we are beginning to communicate our personal intimate experiences with each other; and that includes menses.

Q: Is CM natural?

A: Definitely.   There are three phases to every woman's life.  We are girls, and we don't bleed.  We come of age and become women and we bleed monthly for many years until menopause.  Every woman bleeds during this second phase of her life.  After menopause monthly menses ceases. 


Q: What happens during CM?

A: We pay attention to the physiological change that occurs emotionally and mentally just prior to bleeding.

It is an inner personal house cleaning and renewal.

By examining your thoughts and feelings during CM, you get to release what you have outgrown.  You let it become the past and you gain the wisdom inherent in your experience of the circumstances.  


Q: Is taking private time important to CM?

A: Scheduling "me time" right before you bleed so that you can pay attention to what is going on in your heart and mind is key to making CM a valuable experience.

Pamper yourself.  Wear comfy clothes.  Relax.  Write in your CM Handbook Journal.  Be warm.  Take an hour or more to listen to your heart and mind.  Love yourself, forgive yourself, have faith in yourself.  Be your best friend for awhile.

You may be surprised at memories and emotions that surface.  Let them wash over you, express your feelings.  Write down your thoughts.  It's all part of the natural "sifting and gleaning" of CM. 

The wisdom remains and the hubris dissolves.