Merlin Stone is blowing my mind!

The quote that really grabbed me was short: "“The suppression of women's rights began with the suppression of women's rites.”
― Merlin Stone

Women's rites?  What the fuck are those?  We don't have any!  Even though our bodies start dripping blood after about 13 years - we don't acknowledge the beginning of our fertility period with any ceremony or celebration.  Every woman bleeds.  It's not an option.  It insures human life on this planet.

You would think it would be a good reason to party! 

Merlin Stone has the answer as to why we don't celebrate the beginning and the ending of our fertility in her book When God Was A Woman.  Merlin wrote this book in 1949 and despite it's ground shatteringly clear and accurate description of how women have been robbed of their very essence - I only just now ran across it now.  Hmmmmm.  This smells of suppression, repression and downright counter intelligent behavior.

Of course men don't want to loose their position of power.  Of course Merlin's work would be swept under the rug.  It's more important to know that England has a new male heir; that Putin is invading the Ukraine, that Ebola is sweeping across Africa.  Who cares that women have been enslaved for thousands of years through a kind of consciousness castration perpetrated by men? 

I do.  WAKE UP ladies and smell the bullshit - the creation by men, of myths claiming to be God's words.  Dictates that have bound us to men as subordinates for thousands of years.

The "myth" of Adam and Eve is a big fat brainwashing lie.  We are still suffering its totalitarian reign.  I for one am abdicating it's rule over me!

Merlin writes, " The expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden is not exactly the latest news.  But few contemporary happenings have effected women of today more directly."  By understanding that man created God in his own image, and gave him divine rights over everything, women can begin to "understand the role that contemporary religions have played in the initial and continual oppression and subjugation of women - and the reasons for this."

I recently had the perfect example of the mind numbing result of centuries of this myth being expounded as God's truth.   I overheard a woman was telling her friend about  a movie in which a nude woman extricated herself from the bed after sex.  It was a full frontal nude shot.  She asked, "Where are those people who used to only show June Cleaver from the waist up, when she was dancing, because her legs were being exposed when she twirled?  Where are the guardians of morality these days?"

"Are you saying that a woman's nude body is immoral?" I asked?

She responded with, "No, I guess, it was more what they had been doing in the bed that upset me!"

"So you think having sex is immoral?" I countered?

She raised her voice, "Well it's wrong to see it shown in movies.  We are going down the tubes!"

My retort was, "Not me.  I'm not going down the tubes.  You can go if you like.  Personally I only resent sex scenes when I'm not getting any sex!  If we didn't have sex we wouldn't exist.  How can sex be  a bad immoral thing?"

She said that she had been taught by the Catholic nuns and that was where her opinions had formed.  Her friend suggested that she form her own opinions - that she could think for herself if she wanted to - she was a big girl now.

Yaaaaa!  One woman giving another woman permission to free her mind of the bullshit.  Slowly we begin to wake up to the fact that we have been robbed.  Purposefully forced to ignore our own inherent connection to Life itself.  Consistently warned against our very nature - we have wandered into a kind of subservient coma that can be paraphrased as "don't bite the hand that feeds you".  Yikes!  Let's move on Ladies!

Obviously there is a Feminine Divine aspect to our Creator.  Women have direct access to Her during the fertile period of our lives.  Once a month we can experience our personal Rite to Life - CM: conscious menses.  Connect with your source as you drip life's reddness.  If there is no blood - there is no life for us human beings.

Celebrate your power to create Life.  Revere your ability to bring forth another human being.  Enjoy the act of creation with the man of your choice.  Teach him to make love.  Teach him you are not a slave to your body's monthly rhythms.  Show him that you are the High Priestess of the Pleasure that insures People on this Planet.