Margaret Sanger


I have taken the following excerpts from her book as part of my encouragement to women  to consider joining the CM Sorority.  This book is a biography published in 2003, which contains a foreword by one of her granddaughters, Margaret Sanger Lampe. 

The following are direct quotes of Margaret Sanger.

  "The intelligence of a people is of slow emotional development, it lags far behind the reproductive ability.We must permit womanhood its full development before we can expect efficient motherhood.  If we are to make racial progress, this development of womanhood must precede motherhood in every individual woman.  Then and then only can the woman cease to be an incubator and be a  mother in deed."

"Love is the greatest force of the universe; freed of its bonds of submission and unwanted progeny, it will formulate and compel of its own nature observance to standards to purity far beyond the average conception of the average moralist.  The feminine spirit, animated by joyous triumphant love, will make its own high tenets of morality."

"The most far reaching social development of modern times is of women against sex servitude.  The most important force in the remaking of the world is a free motherhood.  Beside this force, the elaborate international programs of modern statesmen are weak and superficial."

"Woman’s acceptance of her inferior status was the more real because it was unconscious.  She had chained herself to her place in society and the family through the maternal functions of her nature, and only chains thus strong could have bound her to her lot as a brood animal for the masculine civilizations of the world.   In accepting her role as the “weaker and gentler half”, she accepted that function.  In turn, the acceptance of that function fixed the more firmly her rank as an inferior."

"Whether it was the tyranny of a monarchy, an oligarchy or a republic, the one indispensable factor of its existence was, as it is now, hordes of human beings—human beings so plentiful as to be cheap, and so cheap that ignorance was their natural lot. Upon the rock of unenlightened submissive maternity have these been founded; upon the product of such a maternity have they flourished."

"The creators of over-population are the women, who, while wringing their hands over each fresh horror, submit anew to their task of producing the multitudes who will bring about the next tragedy of civilization." 

"While unknowingly laying the foundations of tyrannies and providing human tinder for racial conflagrations, woman was also unknowingly creating slums, filling asylums with insane and institutions with other defectives.  She was replenishing the ranks of prostitutes, furnishing grist for the criminal courts and inmates for prisons.  Had she planned deliberately to achieve this tragic total of human waste and misery, she could hardly have done it more effectively."

Today, we can clone animals and even people; so we need not worry about a shortage of cannon fodder. Perhaps that is why we are in such a hurry to engender this area of science.  For the simple reason that birth control has created a lack of humans willing to be simply "cannon fodder" in exchange for a cot and a meal.  

However, there are many still many nations that do not incorporate principles of democracy, human rights, equitable laws, and sound economic guidelines into the lives of their women.  There are plenty of women who do not enjoy those protections; to the degree that most women in North America and Europe enjoy today.

Birth control allows us the ability to make better choices regarding our education, our careers, and our relationships.  We have Margaret Sanger to thank for this privilege.  She had a dream, literally, that it was possible, with a pill - to control ovulation and determine when to have a pregnancy.

Fortunately, during her very interesting lifetime, Margaret Sanger met and established relationships with other people who supported and funded her vision.  Her dream has freed millions of women from the slavery of unwanted pregnancy; given millions of women the opportunity to get educated and to hold a paying job.

Margaret Sanger provided us with a choice as to wether we want to "bring forth new life" in the form of a human baby - or as a new idea, a new behavior, a new vision for humanity or a new dream of a civilization that encompasses all the genuine feminine values.

Lynne Haines