Love and Beauty

CM cleans the pipes.  By practicing CM, we unburden ourselves of the emotional and mental debris accumulated automatically from living in a world suffocating in violence and struggle.  By nature, women are sensitive to the horrors of genocide, political war, and economic tragedy even when we are not directly affected.  Women understand in their hearts and in the core of their beings, that such activities are anathema, against nature and wrong.  We understand that performing such atrocities destroys human individuals and devours civilization.

In a world where the latest hateful crime against humanity is right in front of us on a screen in full color and sound, it is impossible to inure your self completely from the horrible ramifications.  We are not insulated in our individual caves from the world’s truth anymore.  We have become in a sense the world’s conscience.   By our very human nature, women resonate to the deepest laws of love and beauty.

Simply knowing about the mass murders and destruction that are occurring in our world is demoralizing because we cannot directly or effectively stop it.  This is painful to view and consider, but the real damage is accumulative.  Such depressing realizations build up over time.  Unnoticed, deep in our subconscious they become behavioral modifiers.  When coupled with our ancient instinct to “not bite the hand that feeds us”, they effectively paralyze our ability to think for ourselves.

Without original thoughts we cannot create an alternative to such a world or fight the oppression of aggression with wisdoms that will eradicate such deplorable activities.  Women are the gates of life to all human beings into this world.  We are also capable of bringing forth new life on every level, emotional and mental.  Women can supply renewed hope through love and renewed sanity through wisdom.  We can put a halt to the degradation of civilization and prevent the destruction of humanity.  We know what will heal this world of woe.  We know that there is no lack of food or wealth; just a lack of distribution, sharing and intelligent management.  We know that respect for life, love and beauty are the foundations of healthy civilizations and that now is the time to apply these values as a balance to the unbridled quarrels over land and power that are causing wars in our world.

CM is transformative, it transforms fear into actions based in genuine feminine values that revere life, love and beauty.

In a world burdened by an excess of aggression, strife and discord, women can find solace and renewal through CM.  The natural reaction to disharmony is a hunger for beauty and love.  During the transformative personal experience of CM women regain inner peace and outer poise.  CM provides healing from the effects of terror that is not a mere armoring or numbness.  CM provides brand new solutions to the malaise of discord in each woman and strengthens her to perform from a place of healthy human values.  CM provides wisdom to match the situation as necessary while keeping the channels to life, love and beauty open.

There is much about human beings that is not fully understood.  We are “works in progress”.  Humanity is still evolving.  We must survive long enough to learn from our mistakes.  At this point in human evolution we are risking too much for too little.  There is no time to decide whose god is appropriate or whose country is wealthiest, or whose laws are most correct or whose dick is bigger.  The world appears to be a poker game gone bad.  No one knows when to “hold’em, fold’em or run” and they are all determined to win.

Now would be the perfect time for intelligent women to speak up and “put their foot down”.  That is an old expression, which means to end something, to prevent it going further.  Now is the time to stand up for love and beauty to protect life from becoming one long struggle for power, wealth, gold, guns and land.  What good are all these without the joy of sharing?  How much does one need of any of these to prevent the heartbreak of death from touching us?  The answer is simple.  One human ego cannot possibly contain more than one life span of any of these; and in and of themselves they do not save us from suffering of the worst kind, our own mortality.

In fact, an excess of any of these causes a form of imbalance in individuals that is detrimental to their health causing them to become less stable mentally and emotionally.  Witness all world leaders and their cadres enmeshed in seemingly un-preventable clashes over territory and weapons disputes.  Clearly these are power struggles that lead only to less well being and more destruction.  No one person can gain from nuclear holocaust.  No one nation will achieve safety and stability by constant conflagration with itself or it’s neighbors.

Women know these truths, but they do not currently know how to live them and thereby bring them into human society.  Why?  Because women still reflect values that promote this ongoing struggle.  We do not yet think for ourselves as the vessels of life who can stand for human qualities that will balance out the values of competition at all costs that we are currently subjected to by a world insane with the importance of territory, wealth and weapons.

CM can create in you an effective antidote to war.  CM can create in you the wisdom to adhere to love and beauty in their true essence not the version supplied by movies and Madison Avenue.  Those versions are only partial portrayals of much deeper and more effective realities that are waiting for expression in a world that needs them like the Sahara needs rain, like fish need water and people need air.  Without fully realizing the wonderful effects of love and beauty as individuals we will not be able to express them as intelligent solutions to the painful and ugly results of fighting over territory, wealth and weapons.

Now is the time to get as big a rush from love and beauty as can be “enjoyed” by blowing away your enemy.  During CM you can have both.  You can blow away your enemies of ignorance and fear and receive the renewing life supportive gifts of love and beauty.  How?  Make the decision to CM.  Only you can experience your life.  Let CM give you a powerful presence in your world, let CM give you the full depth of your wisdom and beauty so you can be an example of the power of love and beauty in a dark and struggle torn world.

Keep the promise to yourself that lies inherent in your essence through CM.  Explore the power of genuine feminine values by living them.  Enjoy the revitalizing process of CM and ensure a world where love and beauty have a place: your life.  You will experience joy and be an example to others of how to live in a sane, healthy civilized manner.  First, the Magna-Carta, then the Constitution of the United States, and now CM.  Start a revolution from the inside that no one can stop.  Start living from a place of genuine feminine values and effect the world as a positive force to be embraced and enjoyed. 

Lynne Haines