Daughters of the Inquisition

On a bright July day in downtown Spokane WA, I had the pleasure of meeting Christina Crawford, the author of Daughters of the Inquisition.  I sat galvanized by her compelling discourse on what can easily be considered an era of terrible blight on the evolution of human consciousness, in a revealing new light.

It took me months to read and digest Daughters of the Inquisition because it was so thought provoking.  It changed my perspective on women today - the roles we are allotted and the choices we give ourselves.

The daughter of famous actress Joan Crawford, Christina has carved out her own place in history in a very important and meaningful way.  She has spent decades researching and documenting ancient writings about the circumstances that have led to our predominantly male value oriented civilizations.

I am convinced that "her-story", as she calls her book, and the ramifications it has for all women who read it, are key to the development of genuine feminine values in civilization.  Without research and documentation women have felt left out of history until now.

Daughters of the Inquisition, is the most important book on femininity written in at least a decade, maybe longer.  Truly "her-story" or rather “our story”, Daughters Of the Inquisition, is destined to become one of the most valuable textbooks on the roster of Women's Studies.  Never before has a book been written about the Inquisition from a feminine perspective with such exhausting detail, intelligent research and compelling conclusion.   

Christina ties the past to the present, defining irrevocably the Inquisition, as the most potent force in the formation of the minds of women to date.  She discloses with competence and accuracy the root of our behaviors as societies crippled by this period.

Her book shows how the power of endurance can span centuries and arise as renewed consciousness of our position as women in the world today - wiser for the experience.  The memories we carry at a cellular level stem from our survival of times that were truly designed to destroy the feminine soul – but didn’t.

Daughters of the Inquisition, is not a novel.  It is carefully crafted and heavily documented to avoid being dismissed as light reading.  It is a mandatory study for every woman who chooses to individuate and self-actualize.  Thank you, Christine!

Lynne Haines