9 Parts of Desire


 If you want to know what some of the other women in the world are like, this book is a good place to start.  It is factual and delightfully written.  Geraldine Brooks is a world renowned journalist.  The heartfelt insight of her feminine perspective brings the inner life of women in the Middle East clearly into focus.

She gets right into the great divide between men and women’s realities in the Middle East on page two in the sixth paragraph: “They (men) think all women are dangerous.” 

There are probably several reasons for their fear.  In my opinion Muslims think women are dangerous because of the Muslim religious texts.  Keep in mind that this text was not emblazoned on any wall by the hand of God – but rather written by men, whose mind sets were dictated by the  morals of a time and place long ago.  Such men did not benefit from the perspective of individual human rights for either men or women.

     People of that time and place did not have recourse to justice in the Laws of the Land as we know them today.

    There was no constitution that regarded every human being as equal with regards to freedom from slavery, freedom from religious and political persecution, freedom of thought, freedom to strive to achieve any chosen endeavor.

    There are none of these freedoms and rights for women there today either. Not as we know them and enjoy them.

Geraldine’s research into actual documented texts of Mohammed’s life show that he was a man with problems – he had too many women in one house.  All of them were his wives and all of them struggled  for his limited attentions and favors.  No wonder he was inspired to veil them and separate them from each other and from other men.  A bunch of women all claiming dibs on his time must have been a lot like herding cats.  He needed all the power and help he could get so he decided to be the voice of God to give himself more authority and hopefully more control.

Mohammed started out as the “boy toy and gopher - go for this and go for that” of a very intelligent, wealthy and powerful businesswoman, who married him and basically ran his life until she passed away.  Kadiji must have left Mohammed very well off financially.  He supported many wives whom he had married to insert his importance into a society that recognized such connections as alliances against enemies.  Geraldine Brooks is the first person I have ever heard paraphrase history quite this succinctly and with such obvious feminine truth.

Mohammed had more women than he could handle.  His very creative and daring solution to the problem was to make up some rules and proclaim that God degreed them.  Unfortunately, in a society that was limited by a lack of general education, human and civil rights, as well as steeped in religious superstition, these rules over time became much more.  In fact today they have become the ridiculous self imposed prisons and rationales for violence that we see in action on the News coming from the Middle East.

They may have worked for the men of the times; but they have never worked for the women of those times or these times.  

Julian James describes, in his book The Origins of Consciousness in the Bicameral Mind the evolutionary process required of humans to achieve the current level of civilization enjoyed in North America, Europe and other places.  He states, and I am paraphrasing,that humans require experiences that balance their need for a role model with their need for individual autonomy.  This takes many generations and the result as we know it today is basically our ability to separate “church and state”.

We know the difference between personal mores and the morals of religion which are often the foundation for the ethics of our laws.  Humans have gained a certain degree of conscience both as individuals and as citizens of specific groups i.e. countries, nations, races, or physical regions.  This objectivity, this conscience, involves both sides of our brains and is the result of many years of natural evolution.

Women carry two-thirds to three-quarters of the human inherited gene pool.  Curtailing women's experiences of life limits their development as human beings.  Killing women who do not fill prescribed parameters predetermined by men, limits the gene pool over a period of time.  How convenient for the people practicing those murders.  By perpetrating genocide on their females for hundreds of centuries, the Muslims have retarded their own evolutionary development.  By limiting females to curtailed functions within their culture they have thwarted their evolution as human beings considerably.

This may sound like a rather outlandish and unfounded statement at first.  However, I am sure that research on this matter would shed light on the exact nature of those limitations.  How many generations are there in the thirteen hundred years since the founding of the Muslim religion?  Fifty two - fifty two personal lifetimes completely colored and circumscribed by the will of a “Meccan named Mohammed who had trouble with his wives”.   (see Page 3, 2nd paragraph.)

Most civilized men have decided that one wife is really all they can handle and wisely so.

Geraldine makes it pretty clear early on in the book that Muhammed wasn’t much without his intelligent and wealthy wife Kadiji, ten years his senior.  Geraldine clearly describes on pages four and five how the Muslim religious texts came to be so misogynistic.

Kadiji was a free woman of considerable means whose death obviously left a huge hole in the effective ruler-ship of that time and place.  Perhaps she was one of the wise matriarchs whose lineage stemmed from the era of human civilization recently unearthed archeologically and referred to in “Daughters of the Inquisition” by Christine Crawford.  Her influence was very widespread.

How is it, that Kadiji, the wife of god to the Muslims, as well as Mary, the mother of god to the Christians, don’t amount to diddly-squat in the eyes of these religions followers?  Where do they think these women’s sons came up with the “god stuff” they spouted?  Surely their mother’s taught them something while they wiped their asses and fed their faces?  And if the DNA of a person is handed down in a ratio of three quarters from the mother and one quarter from the father, then didn’t their mothers account for some of their godliness?  You can’t get blood from a stone and the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.  If this is true, then why weren’t the Wife and Mother of God seen correctly as the source of God itself?  For the simple reason that men chose otherwise - for the obvious reason that men identify more easily with a male figure.

It is fascinating reading on page one hundred and one, paragraph two.  In Iran nine year old girls assume all the responsibilities of their religion and are eligible to marry, since the Khomeini threw out the 1975 Family Protection Law which banned child brides and polygamy.  Boys don’t assume all the responsibilities of their religion until they are fifteen because they are less mature than girls.  This is obviously a handy way to make little girls into men’s slaves.  They are forced to begin the praying, fasting, wearing of the black rag, sequester themselves, and abide by all the other objectifying rules so they are brainwashed and demoralized into a submission state.

This way when some man takes them as wife, and fucks them at the age of nine or ten, they have no ability to protect themselves physiologically.  They not only have no rights or protections; they are also stripped of their own minds and hearts by this unbelievably cruel, heartless and misogynistic practice which serves to provide an adequate supply of cunt to a fuck-happy society of men.  From what I can see, Muslim men value nothing more than money and satisfying their egos through rabid religious devotions and/or frequent use of their penis on as many wives as they can afford.  Oh, don’t let me forget their propensity for and the importance of displays of righteous violence.  Attaching bombs to women and children and watching them detonate themselves must be a real thrill.

I read on.  I forget to even pause, her writing is so vivid and the truth so riveting.  Then I read the following and had to stop and catch my breath.

“There is no segregation when it comes to medicine” – because the prophet only approved of women tending to men’s war wounds.  How convenient.  Even though it is a direct contradiction to all the other clearly defined and rigorously enforced segregations applied to women with regard to men.  Obviously men want the women to take care of them when they really need it – when they are broken and bleeding from their own efforts and decisions to wage war.  Men know that only a woman can really bring the nurturing aspect within each of us into play - the kindness, the gentleness, the unselfish attendance required to bring about healing is a genuine feminine value.  When the rubber hits the road all the other rules are suddenly invalid?  Or is that when a man needs a real woman, not just the puppet he has created.

This is so selfish; transparently obvious to anyone outside the brainwashed arena of fundamental Muslamic religion.   But then we all know that in the games of men – he who makes the rules can break the rules.  This is because the rules are man made and not actually the real rules of life. 

Women carry the real rules of life in their hearts.  Unlike men who can flaunt them for some ego boosting ideal.  Women get pregnant, bear children and by their inherent nature love and care for those children.  To do that requires lining up with real life supporting behaviors, real life insuring rules of living.  So much of the world that men enjoy depends on the slavery and servitude of women.  It is clear to me that the men in Saudi Arabia haven’t a clue how precarious their situation really is.  Or do they?  Perhaps this is why “They (men) think all women are dangerous.” 

The sheer valor of this woman author Geraldine Brooks, hit me square between the eyes.  Not only is she a brilliant intellectual, she has the heart of a lion and the unswerving pluck of a pit bull.  I didn’t want to disrupt my experience of reading and learning about the real lives of hundreds of thousands of my sisters in the Middle East by reacting personally.  But I did, over and over her truthful descriptions of the real lives of my peers and compatriots, my fellow females, my blood sister's suffering, inflicted by the injustices of a society mad with religion, brought me to a point of silence and clarity that I couldn’t deny.

Knowledge is power.  Geraldine Brooks was empowering me.  I couldn’t resist, I didn’t want to resist.  I accepted the mantle of enlightenment with dignity.  I hope that I can alleviate some of women's suffering by passing on these truths to more women.  I will buy this book for myself and many other women.  This book, and others of a similar vein such as: Swallows of Kabul, Burned Alive, Kite Runner and Palace Walk.  I will give them to my women friends to read.   Women in America and Europe have the right to read and to educate ourselves about the terrible plight of our sisters in the Middle East.  To my mind it is my duty to those women, my sisters in blood, to spread word of the injustice perpetrated on them.  To my mind it is one of the only things that I can do to defend them from the misogynists that rule their lives – their fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles and husbands - the very men they depend on, give birth to, nurture and love.

This book has galvanized my perspective on my own work.  I am trying to introduce the physiological benefits of consciously menstruating to women: CM: Conscious Menses.  I founded the CM Sorority which I envision as a world wide alliance of women.  Reading Geraldine Brooks book Nine Parts of Desire has clarified the fact that the true common ground for all women is menses.  Since no man menstruates, it is the obvious focus point of commonality.  Menses can become a personal experience of self-actualization for individuals that connects us to a sorority, a center for hope and guidance.  Any woman anywhere can go online and discover the advantages of Conscious Menses - no matter what her country, or religion, or education, or economic status.  She can find her way to the “well of well being and her own inner source of wisdom” by learning to Consciously Menstruate at www.cmsorority.com.

Nothing helps a woman individuate better than CM: Conscious Menstruation.  It formulates our life experiences into intuitive thoughts and actions that lead us to survival and prosperity on an every day practical level.

By curtailing women’s lives so cruelly Muslims will inadvertently create an unstoppable desire for genuine feminine values.  These values can only be defined by women, conscious of their wisdom and strength; who adjust to and survive life’s travails.  By consciously tapping their source - their own life-force which insures the monthly renewal of menses, women draw on their inherent strengths, regenerating themselves from the inside out, to overcome whatever personal barriers lay before them.

CM: Conscious Menses is a tool that no man can prevent a woman from using, once that woman has been introduced to the opportunity offered monthly during menses.  No man can enter her heart and mind and destroy the resurgence of life that transpires within her during CM.  That wisdom remains untouchable, inviolable within her.  This is true freedom.

When women learn to CM and teach their daughters to CM, the world will radiate genuine feminine values that need not be written down or upheld by violence, to flourish.  The example of a wise woman making her way each day through life, guided by her inner wisdom, is a potent agent for change that cannot be overcome by mere violence.

Only death can end such a winning example of genuine feminine values.  Daily women in the Middle East and many other countries are being murdered for inconveniencing various male value oriented bastions of economy or religion.  And to no avail except to re-enforce the fear of reprisal.  I am motivated by their sacrifices and suffering to personally take action.  I cannot bear to have lived my whole life so freely and to not address this wholesale injustice to women. 

Women are the only gates of life into this world for all human beings.  As such, women deserve the basic human rights of liberty, equality, the pursuit of happiness and the right to doubt, as Geraldine Brooks states.  But more – they deserve the right to pursue the truth about the crux of their femininity – menses.  Women deserve the right to enjoy the benefits of conscious menses once they know that there is a potent physiological opportunity for personal growth offered by menses to them every month.

Writing this Book Review for Nine Parts of Desire and encouraging women to read other books such as The Swallows of Kabul, and The Kite Runner – all books which reveal the debasing treatment of women in the Middle East at the hands of religious fundamentalists, is one way I will take action.  I will post these on my CM Sorority website for other women to read.

Freeing women from religious fundamentalist persecution will not happen over night and it will not happen because laws are passed or governments overthrown. Women will free themselves from the inside out, bit by bit, as each is capable.  Conscious Menses makes women aware that they can think for themselves and make decisions in their own best interests.

CM causes women to understand personally what the character “V” in the movie Vengeance means in the statement: “Ideas cannot be killed by bullets.”  I know that many new and good ideas are born daily in women as they honor themselves during the process of menses; which renews them and brings forth “new life” in their minds and hearts.

I realize that the tragic experiences of the victims of clitoridectomy, child marriage, rape and slavery represent proof that there is room for improvement in the civilizations that allow such practices.  These despicable practices clearly show the level of undeveloped genuine feminine values that lay dormant in both men and women, in those countries. 

Kindness, generosity, patience, endurance, and forgiveness may not appear relegated to women alone, but women are never the less where these characteristics of human behavior stem from, and abide still, despite the horrors of military and religious wars waged since the beginnings of human culture.

In trying to bring the universality of genuine feminine values down to the level of practical application I cannot over stress the importance of CM: Conscious Menses to women.  Yet this early and tentative rising awareness of the value of menses is fraught with many obstacles, including the women themselves.

It is up to each woman to dare to Consciously Menstruate and experience it's benefits, thereby becoming an example to her daughters, female siblings and peers, of the practicality of CM for generating genuine feminine values.  It is my strongly held opinion that wisdom for living appears when women apply genuine feminine values in their lives making decisions in their own best interests first, their families’ interests second, and their countries interests third.

Generally speaking we can all agree that women by nature are basically unselfish.  The sacrifices women make for their children and families comes naturally to most women.  I propose that women are perhaps the humans most capable and worthy of self government.  It is my firm belief that given the chance to rule,  women will govern accordingly - with generosity and wisdom.  

Even if it takes human beings another 10,000 years to learn this – I am certain that incorporating feminine values into human civilization is where we are all headed.  Generosity and wisdom are genuine feminine values and as long as there are women we will insist on expressing our inherent nature for the benefit of ourselves and our children, and therefore - all humankind.  I have reservations about the ability of the genetically engineered test tube girls to guarantee this metamorphosis.

And since so far, we don’t have a lack of women on this planet, I think the world is in good hands - yours and mine, and our sisters in Conscious Menses everywhere.