With Empathy for Women Everywhere.


The Old Girls Club is a branch of the CM Sorority.

The CM Sorority is dedicated to teaching women of all ages about the value inherent in menses.

I founded the CM Sorority to raise women's consciousness about the crux of our femininity - menses.

The best kept secret in history.

No one can interfere with a woman's right to CM: consciously menstruate - except her.  Every woman can gain the wisdom of it's process by simply taking the time to practice it, once every month.

CM: conscious menses automatically promotes individuation and self-actualization.

Be true to yourself.  Know yourself.  Love yourself.

It's easy with CM.

Only women bleed. And every woman does.  Why not allow yourself to have the full experience. Not just the blood.

Our periods aren't just a monthly inconvenience.

Menses is trans-formative.  It is an inherent magic, available to every woman, every month.

For an new perspective of an inevitable experience, try CM.
— Lynne Haines