An alliance of women - for women. 


You may be surprised by your period.  Something new and valuable is available to you. Free every month.   

You are pre-qualified to join the world wide CM Sorority.

Start now.  

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Big Girls

We are designed to experience who we are better during menses than at any other time.

 The CM Sorority is a sisterhood of women dedicated to individuating and self-actualizing.  We, the women living in countries where human rights are respected, where women have equality - we have the power to inject genuine feminine values into civilization. 

Meryl Streep says it all in this video:

Old Girls

The rite of passage into womanhood is menses, our ability to bring new life into the world.

This initiation has been overlooked.  This will change.

Let's bring genuine feminine values into the world.

C'mon grandma.  Learn about what you may have done naturally in a new light so you can teach your girls about the value of  CM:conscious menses.

Grandma - watch this amazing video of Sheryl Wu Dunn at a TED conference - and be part of us women who are the solution: